Friday, 16 November 2012

PCC elections and why no one cares.

The Police Crime Commissioner elections came and went in the UK, and shockingly no one gave a shit.

Voter turn out was around 15% which is at least 5% more than I was expecting. The reasons for such low turn out are numerous and immeasurable and I'm sure everyone who can be arsed has an opinion on why no one could be bothered.

Personally, the reason I didn't bother voting is because I simply do not see the point of the whole thing and the Government have not made any effort to convince people of why they should care.

The single argument they can come out with is that the current equivalent aren't elected, whereas PCCs will be. However, they've given no reason why this means they'll do a better job. My binman isn't elected but I'm pretty sure that if someone were elected to replace him, the very fact that they were elected doesn't mean they'll do a better job.

 I don't know how the equivalents worked and how someone became one, but I would like to think that it was a role someone achieved by proving themselves through action and experience, not by being voted in by the 4 people in the county who could be bothered.

The PCCs, while they may have the best of intentions, will ultimately be looking to do what will keep them in the voters' good books and get them re-elected.

Telling people "you've got to vote because we're letting you whereas we didn't before" is not sufficient reason to vote.

And in a disturbing twist, the guy who won in my local region is the one who wants to "Give budgets to communities, involving them more in their own protection.". Ugh.

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