Saturday, 10 November 2012

UK Police Commissioner elections

Next week, everyone in the UK has the opportunity to vote for a Police Commissioner to control the priorities of their local Police force.
 Admittedly, I haven't been keeping to close of an eye on this but I had always assumed that a Police Commissioner should be an actual Police Officer who actually knows something about the Police.

Instead, it would appear that this is just another example of politicians creating jobs for themselves. Politicians who know shit all about policing having their hands even further in the day to day running of the Police force. Police forces should be run by the Police, not by politicians who are just in it for the expenses claims.
 Reading through the manifestos of my local candidates, all but one of them has no experience in the force and, where they provide actual details of what they will do rather than just talking about their hobbies, their ideas are a combination of plain common sense that anyone on the street could come out with, and the idiotic, such as putting budgets in control of local communities.
 What the hell do people in the community know about Police budgets? I would know absolutely nothing about where Police money should be spent, which is why I'm not in charge. But it appears, in this new world of making the average Joe on the street feel like he's the boss (he's not), we spend time and money consulting him/her on what they think the money should be spent on (when they probably don't have a clue) then either ignoring them (making the entire exercise pointless) or doing as they suggest (risking large amounts of public money being wasted on ideas from idiots).

The UK Police have had a fair bit of bad press over the last few years, a lot of which can be attributed to media sensationalism and some officers trying a little too hard to reach their targets. But over all, they do a tough job and get nothing but shit for it, now we put some self-serving politician in their way who's priorities are making sure they do what they need to get re-elected.

Yet another fail from the ConDem Coalition, and one which I'm sure Labour will be quick to reverse when they get back in to power.

Rant done.

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